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24-Sep-2017 13:23

Do not make your wife or girlfriend do it unless she explicitly offered to. Even if she does offer to go there, think about whether or not she is offering because she is trying to be interesting, or if this is something she really wants.If she doesn’t bring that into your relationship, or specifically states that this is not where she wants things to go, then let that go. If she really does want this, think about why a woman would want to do sexual activities that distance you from her genitals.A straight or bi leaning straight woman not viewing you as the man means that you will lose authority over the aspects of her sexuality that require a man to regulate.She will cheat on you or at least think of cheating on you with men who are manly and at least temporarily want to dominate her instead of her dominating them. If a man is going to stay a man, in our perception, then he has to be more dominant than us.

There are some things that once seen, cannot be unseen, and once done, cannot be undone.This doesn’t mean there is no room whatsoever, for play of any kind.What it means is that it should only go so far, and be so often.Women are social creatures, and on the internet, they are free to explore whatever they like, and ask questions of whomever they like under a comfortable cloak of anonymity.

It should worry you that once you kick open the kink door, she will seek people to help her cope with this, and some of those people are going to be Doms and female submissives who are very happy with their Doms.

You have your kinks, quirks, whatever, and that’s cool.